• Post-Divorce Mediation

  • Post-divorce mediation is for people who are experiencing ongoing conflicts after their divorce, but do not wish to return to the often costly legal arena to try to settle their disputes. Oftentimes, if the two parties can simply sit down in the room together and talk calmly with a neutral third party professional, a lot can get accomplished. All too often when conflicts arise after divorce, people tend to either contact their attorneys, or less commonly, they contact a therapist. People frequently report that every time they involved their lawyers, their conflicts escalated. Many people who have “gone back to court” have reported that they found it very stressful, expensive and most often counter-productive. Although therapists will undoubtedly take a different approach than attorneys, many have no desire to deal with high conflict situations, and often have no professional training in this area.

    Post-divorce mediation is a process wherein the two parties meet together with a trained professional mediator to try to arrive at an agreement. Each party will have a chance to air their concerns, but mediation strives to not let the process get stuck by focusing backward, or trying to assign blame. Mediation helps people to be more future oriented i.e., to move parties forward to consider “where do you want to go from here”. Through mediation, many people have reported that they got more accomplished in a few sessions than they had for years in litigation. It’s an option well worth exploring.