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Al Frankel, LCSW - Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation


·        Divorce mediation is a method of conflict resolution. It provides couples who wish to separate a more productive method of negotiation to help them create their separation agreement. Mediators act as neutral third parties who help facilitate this process by assisting the couple with their negotiation and by providing them with pertinent information about their choices. Mediation helps couples to reach agreement in a more constructive atmosphere that emphasizes cooperation, communication, and compromise. It is less stressful, less aggravating, less contentious, and a lot less expensive than the traditional adversarial process. Mediation seeks to help people reach win-win solutions so that they can get on with their life, not with their litigation. 


When conducting divorce mediation, Jill Sanders-DeMott often co-mediates with Al Frankel, therapist-mediator. Team mediation offers couples the benefit of having mediators with both psychological and legal professional backgrounds. Additionally, this provides a balanced male-female professional team that offers a sense of gender fairness which couples really appreciate.

Mediation is especially important when children are involved. It sets up a framework for ongoing cooperation and open communication between parents, which is necessary for the children's well-being. During mediation the parents are encouraged to separate their spousal role, which is ending, from their parenting role, which is continuing.


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